About us

In December 2014, font engineer Andreas Eigendorf and type designer Stephan Müller founded a new kind of company: a font-production, type-technology, and knowledge hub based in Berlin. Alphabet Type’s expertise and custom tools help type designers and foundries turn their typefaces into fully functional software.

Andreas Eigendorf

+49 30 921 08 48 47

“Eigi” has worked in the type industry for the past twenty years. Before cofounding Alphabet, he served as a consultant and contractor managing day-to-day font production and guided the technical development of various complex script typefaces and large-scale custom type projects.

Stephan Müller

+49 30 921 08 48 49

Stephan Müller is a co-founder of the Lineto type foundry. As a serial award-winning book designer, he primarily designs type for use in his own projects. With clients predominantly in the cultural sector, he often collaborates closely with visual artists. Since 2011, Müller has been directing the type design master class at HGB Leipzig, together with Fred Smeijers.

Philipp Acsany

+49 30 921 08 48 48

Philipp Acsany studied type design in Leipzig. After serving as a technical consultant for Lineto and interning at Fontshop International/Monotype in Berlin, he now works as a font engineer and programmer at Alphabet Type.

Monika Bartels

+49 30 921 08 48 55

Monika Bartels is a font technology specialist with large experiences in TrueType hinting. She has been working as a font engineer at FontShop AG in Berlin for 9 years. In 2005 she started FontWerk, her own business focusing on high quality TrueType hinting and other font related projects. She joined Alphabet Type as a font engineer in January 2018.

Anke Bonk

+49 30 921 08 48 54

Anke got into the type industry while interning at FontWerk in 2010. Since then she worked primarily on font hinting projects before joining the team of Alphabet Type in January 2018 as a font engineer. 

Benedikt Bramböck

+49 30 921 08 48 51

Benedikt Bramböck studied visual communication in Austria and Switzerland. He was employed by Fontshop International in Berlin before getting an MA in type design from TypeMedia in The Hague. Benedikt started working at Alphabet Type in 2015 and is part of the team behind Typostammtisch Berlin.

Sophie Caron

+49 30 921 08 48 53

Born and raised in France, Sophie’s interest in type emerged during a hot-lead composition experience at Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. She studied type design at ÉSAD Amiens and interned at Fontshop International/Monotype. Previoulsy working on freelance projects, she joined Alphabet Type as a font engineer in March 2017.

Gergő Kókai

+49 30 921 08 48 52

Born in Hungary, Gergő Kókai discovered his passion for calligraphy, type, and typography while studying graphic design in Leicester in the UK and in Orléans, France. He interned at Fontshop International/Monotype in Berlin in 2015 and joined Alphabet as a font engineer in January 2016. To expand his understanding in the field of non-Latin scripts was also a participant of the TDi 2017 in Reading, UK.

Paul Spehr

+49 30 921 08 48 18

Paul joined the team of Alphabet Type in March 2017. He studied fine arts in Milan and later graduated in the class of system design in Leipzig. Next to his project based work at Alphabet Type, he works as a freelance graphic designer and currently teaches at Hochschule Hannover.