Alphabet Type

Alphabet Type helps designers and foundries get the very best out of their fonts.

Not only do we use our font-engineering expertise and custom services to support designers as they ready their first font for release—we also assist in ongoing foundry production and execute large-scale corporate projects.

Making type tends to involve stressful, repetitive tasks. Our tools provide the integral building blocks needed to tame those tasks and make them straightforward.

We are a team of type designers, graphic designers, and programmers, and we are open to any and all font-related questions and ideas. Contact us!


Join our team

We regularly offer paid type techonology and font engineering internships to students and recent graduates. If you have a keen interest in type and typography and consider yourself a tech-savvy person, do not hesitate to get in touch

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Going to conferences

In the next few months, you can catch us at the follwing conferences:

After having visited Robothon in The Hague, Typo Labs in Berlin and Typographics in New York City already, we look forward to see you at this year’s edition of ATYPI in Antwerp.

Character Set tools

We launched the first batch of our tools, along with a database API. They mainly focus on building and checking character sets of fonts, but can also work as building blocks for a custom-made workflow.

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