Custom-built tools lie at the heart of Alphabet’s daily workflow. They’re based on well-established standards and compile openly available data from reliable sources. We’ve decided to offer some of the tools — the product of over 20 years of font-engineering expertise — on this page. They’re available as online resources and apps or as plugins, macros, and extensions to use within a font editor.

Alphabet’s tools are in continuous development. We welcome reports of bugs and issues, as well as feature requests and data suggestions.

Character Set Tools

CharSet Builder

Our charset builder is a versatile tool for constructing custom character sets. It makes it possible to combine and use different building blocks — all based on standardized information — simultaneously.

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CharSet Checker

The Charset Checker inspects an uploaded font and checks its language-system coverage against predefined parameters and standards. The results are summarized in a detailed report.

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Dev Tools

API 1.0 Samples

We’ve compiled some sample scripts to illustrate possible use cases and the capabilities of Alphabet’s Database API. The code snippets gathered here are shown functioning in different environments like font editors, tools, and websites.

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API 1.0 Documentation

This in-depth record charts the versatile functionality of Alphabet’s Database API. Focusing on different methods and requests to access unicode and language information, our documentation is particularly helpful for developers building their own scripts and tools.

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